The Weekend Warriors

Saturdays 10am

Hosts: Ralph Romano & Neil Lynch

Have you ever just sat around with your buddies and talked sports? Ralph and Neil have been friends for over 30 years, and they have both done a lot of sitting. While doing so they dive into the pulse of sports, discussing everything from local to national sports news providing their unique and insightful analysis. When not sitting they're out interviewing local athletes, coaches, & sports-related business owners to share their stories and journeys that brought them to where they are today.
Everyone has a story; they get those to share with you.

Ralph Romano

This man is a true Angeleno and die-hard sports enthusiast hailing from Los Angeles, California. With a sports heart devoted to all things LA sports, Ralph is also a diehard fan of the Seattle Seahawks. Ralph has lived all over this great country and is remembered by many as he has had an impact on many people, good and bad. He has spent the last 13 years in the valley and has come to love it! Well, all but the sports teams that is. He has been heavily involved in youth sports, coaching and running a baseball travel organization as well as supporting many youths looking to live their dream in sports. Beyond the sports chatter and having to polish the many championship trophies his LA and Seattle sports teams have earned, catch him on the golf course shooting a par once in a while, and usually just one hole out of 18, or enjoying quality time with his wife of 30-plus years until she finally decides to better herself and move on.

Neil Lynch

This man is a multi-passionate jack-of-all-trades i.e. he has undiagnosed adult ADHD. He grew up in southern California, lived in Green Bay, WI during Super Bowl XXXI, and spent 25 years in Minnesota before leaving behind his three children -- calm down, they're all over 21 -- and relocating to Arizona with a wife he met on Bumble. Neil is a techie geek who enjoys baseball, softball, and curling every four years during the Winter Olympics. As a club softball coach, he implemented a play copied from the final scene of the movie Major League. Fun fact: Neil's father raced in the Indianapolis 500 in 1949.